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Epub 3 Glossary Of Insurance

epub 3 glossary of insurance


Epub 3 Glossary Of Insurance >




















































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When a given Renditionof an EPUB Dictionary Publication consists of multiple EPUB Dictionaries, as is typicallythe case in bilingual and multilingual dictionaries, the set of files constituting each EPUB Dictionary must be identified using the collection element of the package documentwith the role attribute set to dictionary. An EPUB Glossary in a Publication can be directly consulted by the user or used by the Reading System to look up terms within that Publication. A defrepresents either the definition of a particular meaning of a headword or idiom,or in a bilingual or multilingual dictionary, a short meaning descriptor accompanying particular translations of a headword oridiom.Note that an element carrying the def epub:type property represents only the definitions content rather than the entire set of associated information (like numeric identifiers, grammatical labels, examples, etc). The phonogram attribute provides a reading of a value attribute and would typically containJapanese yomi or Chinese Pinyin. Standalone index . All sections of this specification are normative except where identified by the informative status label "This section is informative". When the glossary epub:typeproperty is carried by a dl element, the logical association of glossary terms and definitions follows the name-value groups described in [HTML5]. Changes to the content such as significant revision, abridgement, translation, or the realization of the content in a different digital or physical form result in a new manifestation.


In contrast to the higher-level organizational units, these semantic elements contain discrete information explaining or illustrating a particular meaning. As a navigation feature, support for indexes relates directly to Item 6 in the EPUB Revision Working Group Charter, regarding enhanced navigation support (see here). There are several editorial approaches that could be taken to creating a Condensed Entry: writing a Condensed Entry specifically for this use, using the corresponding entry from a smaller dictionary selecting key senses from the Detailed Entry removing certain elements of the Detailed Entry that are not critical for a quick scan of key meanings during lookup, such as examples,idioms, phonetic transcriptions, and etymologies. William McCoy, et al. Jonathan Kew, et al. Samuel Johnson A 2.2.2 The Dictionary Entry articleElement As Entry Container Structural Semantics Vocabulary dictentry Definition A dictionary entry.


A reverse index contains the same information as the chapter-like index but sorted in locator order rather than alphabetical order. Reading system displays floating or persistent access to headnotes. EPUB is a registered trademark of the International Digital Publishing Forum. GlossaryB. A publication containing semantic markup to display lists of related main headings for generic cross references declares this capability via package metadata. Attributes href [optional] An IRI [RFC3987]specifying the location indexed by this match within the dictionary entry or glossary term referenced by the parent search-key-group.The IRI must be relative to the base IRI of the Search Key Map Document. Error 502 (Server Error)!!1. Antonym Groups Structural Semantics Vocabulary antonym-group Definition A group of terms, each having an opposite or nearly opposite meaning from a headword or idiom. d351235422

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